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Winterton Medical Practice
Help with health costs
You may be entitled to help with prescription charges.
The Yellow Card Scheme is run by the MHRA and the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM), and is used to collect information from both health professionals and the general public on suspected side effects or ADRs to a medicine.

Its continued success depends on the willingness of people to report suspected ADRs.
We collect Yellow Card reports from anyone from the UK on both licensed and unlicensed medicines including:
prescription medicines
over-the-counter (OTC) medicines
herbal remedies
swine flu antiviral medicines (Tamiflu or Relenza)
swine flu vaccines (Pandemrix, made by GSK or Celvapan, made by Baxter).

Find out how your medicine works, how and when to take it, possible side effects and answers to your common questions.
Winterton Medical Practice
Manlake Avenue, Winterton, Scunthorpe DN15 9TA  Tel: (01724) 732202. Fax: (01724) 734992
Norfolk Avenue,    Burton-upon-Stather,   DN15 9EW Tel: (01724) 720202. Fax: (01724) 721946
Repeat prescriptions are those items that are listed on your medical record that the doctor has authorised may be repeated up to the number of times specified. Thereafter, the repeat prescription items may be re-authorised if appropriate. Items are in any case reviewed at least once per year even if you are under the care of a hospital

Our prefered method for receiving repeat prescription requests is by use of the counterfoil attached to your last prescription. This ensures accuracy and clarity.  Simply tick clearly the item/s that you require and state whether you would like to collect the prescription from Winterton or Burton on Stather

In Person at Reception.
If you leave your repeat prescription request in person at reception, please allow 48 hours before collection.


By Post Using the Repeat Counterfoil
By using the tear-off slip from your previous prescription, simply tick the items you again require. Allow 5 working days from sending. We cannot be responsible for any delay in requests reaching us. If you wish us to post the prescription back to you, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

By Telephone

Please ring
(01724) 732205 for collection at Winterton or
(01724) 720100 for collection at Burton upon Stather
* State your name
* State your date of birth
* The medication required

Request your prescriptions Online
You can now view and request your repeat prescriptions by logging on to a service on the internet.

Manage your prescriptions quickly and easily wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please speak to our reception staff for details and to request your unique username and password. You will need to present two forms of identification to obtain your username and password, one form of photographic ID and identification confirming your home address.

One-off prescriptions which are not regularly repeated are known as 'acute' prescriptions.

You can ask your chosen pharmacist for advice on minor ailments and if it is appropriate you may be able to buy medicines over the counter without having to see the doctor.

If you feel it is more appropriate to see the doctor, or if the pharmacist advices you to make a GP appointment, your doctor may prescribe, refer you to another health care professional - or may decide to offer no prescription at all.

If you are sure that your medical problem is minor, it may  the doctor may issue a prescription following a telephone request to our receptionist. In certain circumstances, he may telephone you for more information or invite you to attend the surgery for assessment,

If you telephone the surgery for an acute prescription our reception staff will need to know:

WHO is the prescription for?
[name, address,date of birth, phone number).
WHAT are the symptoms?
have the symptoms been present?
ALLERGIES? Is the patient allergic to any medications?
MEDICATIONS Is the patient already taking any medication including homeopathic medication, or over the counter items?


You may order your acute medication by telephoning from 9am. We will try to have it ready later that day. Please order as early as possible.
Acute prescriptions are always issued at the discretion of the doctor.

The doctor may decide not to issue a prescription if he feels this is not required Over the counter medication may be cheaper. Advice or alternative treatment may also be recommended.

If you do need to have a prescription dispensed when the surgery is closed please check the local newspaper or telephone NHS 111.

If you want us to deliver your medication please order as least 3 days before you require it and state that you would like us to deliver.
We will be delivering in the Alkborough,
West Halton, Whitton and Coleby areas on the following dates:
Thursday 17th October 2019
Thursday 14th November 2019
Thursday 12th December 2019
Thursday 9th January 2020
Thursday 6th February 2020
Thursday 5th March 2020
Thursday 2nd April 2020
We will be delivering in the Appleby, Risby, High Santon
and Dragonby areas on the following dates:

Thursday 24th October 2019
Thursday 21st November 2019
Thursday 19th December 2019
Thursday 16th January 2020
Thursday 13st February 2020
Thursday 12th March 2020
Thursday 9th April 2020
We will be delivering in the Winteringham and South Ferriby areas on the following dates:
Thursday 10th October 2019
Thursday 7th November 2019
Thursday 5th December 2019
Thursday 2nd January 2020
Thursday 30th January 2020
Thursday 27th February 2020
Thursday 26th March 2020
Winterton Medical Practice Medication Delivery Service All Areas
We will be delivering in the Flixborough,
Burton-upon-Stather, Normanby and Thealby
areas on the following dates:
Thursday 31st October 2019
Thursday 28th November 2019
Thursday 26th December 2019 (tbc)
Thursday 23rd January 2020
Thursday 20th February 2020
Thursday 19th March 2020
Thursday 16th April 2020
We require a minimum of 48 working hours notice when ordering your repeat prescriptions or longer if possible.  Weekends and Bank Holidays are not counted as working days. 

At Bank Holidays and Christmas please allow a minimum of three working days.

MONDAYS are very busy - please order mid week when possible even if you are a little early.
If you live in Winterton your prescription will be dispensed by a pharmacist.  You can collect your paper prescription from the surgery and take it to the pharmacist of your choice.

Urgent Prescriptions:
If you do require anything urgently please either present your prescription to the dispensary or contact a member of staff at the surgery who will check if we have the item you require in stock.

                          OBTAINING MEDICINES

Out of Hours:
If you do need to have a prescription dispensed when the surgery is closed please check the local newspaper or telephone NHS111 for the duty pharmacy in Scunthorpe or Barton-upon-Humber.

Long-Term Repeat Prescription

If you are on regular medication that does not vary, you may be eligible to have a long term prescription issued. This means that you will not have to make repeated requests to the practice in the period for which the repeats are valid.

There may be a need for the doctor to issue you with a private prescription if the service you require is not covered by the NHS.  The practice can provide a dispensing service for these prescriptions (please enquire at either reception or dispensary). There will be a charge for these services
Click the PDF (left) to download information about using Systm  Online to book your appointments and order prescriptions
Click the icon below to access the SystmOnline log on page:
Recycle your inhalers at Winterton and Burton Dispensary.
Complete the Cycle is GSK's recycling and recovery scheme for all respiratory inhalers, and is the first of its kind. We aim to provide a convenient way for patients to recycle their inhalers, to help reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and move towards a more environmentally sustainable approach to treating respiratory disease.

Why should I recycle my inhalers?
Approximately 73 million respiratory inhalers are used in the UK each year with at least 63% being placed in domestic bins after use which then end up in landfill.
Complete the Cycle is an easy and convenient way to recycle your inhalers and prevents the waste generated from their disposal from harming the environment. 

What happens to the inhalers?
The inhalers will be collected by a company called Movianto, as part of routine deliveries - so no extra miles are travelled in the administration of this scheme. The inhalers will be taken to a waste management company to be sorted for recycling or recovery. Recovery means using the non-recyclable inhaler waste as a fuel or other means to generate energy. They will recycle or recover every respiratory inhaler collected, including those manufactured by companies other than GSK.
You really can make a difference by returning your used inhalers to either of our dispensaries and participating in Complete the Cycle.

Do you struggle to remember to order your medication on time?   Are you due items at different times of the month? Do you collect items for friends and family members?

            Let us take the stress out of it for you.

We can organise it so that you only have to visit us once every 28 days to collect all your items at once. Each time you collect your items, you order whatever you will need next month and leave the order form with us - no need to call back in with it or telephone. 

We will give you a date to come back which is convenient for you or you can have it delivered and then whole thing starts again.

If you run out in-between donít worry you can still place an order and if you find you no longer need something just give it back to us when you collect.          

Please speak to a dispenser for more details.
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